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Ignou Study Center


Ignou Study Center

  • The IGNOU Regional Centre Bhagalpur is the third Regional Centre in the state of Bihar which has jurisdiction over three districts namely, Bhagalpur, Munger and Banka. IGNOU‘s network in the Region constitutes of three regular Study Centres and one PSC for BEd.
  • The aim of the IGNOU Open University was to provide education to every remote corner of the country. It has been striving hard to provide quality education to all the students from all the classes. Since 1985, It has been successfully educating its students with quality education and training in various courses and programs. Today it has around 4 millions students all over the country and abroad. There are other countries where you will find the presence of IGNOU. It boosts of 67 regional centers and has 21 schools of students. There are around three thousand learner support centers and around 67 overseas centers a well.
  • IGNOU focuses on providing education to the deprived classes, for candidates who could not continue their education, housewives, poor students and the unfortunate candidates as well. That is why they needed to cover the entire country to provide top quality education, which is why they have started so many centers in various states of the country so that students from remotest parts too can obtain distance education.
  • IGNOU has plans to open study centers in six European nations that also include Germany and France and also has sub office of the university for practical functioning and to act as resource centers of university in various regions. The regional centers cover the whole country and have been successful in attracting students from villages and rural areas.
  • A total of 3380 study centers exist in the country. There are around 646 regular study centers, 1737 program study centers, 865 special study centers for disadvantaged groups, 3 sub study centers, 20 recognized study centers, IGNOU army study centers, Navy and IGNOU Assam rifles study centers. The study centers form an important part of the university and are designed to provide efficient and extensive student support. The study centers offer a communication method and provides print material mailed to candidates and also interact with academic counselors. It helps students to seek help by face to face interaction with teachers through sessions. The study center also provides pre-entry counseling to prospective candidates. The study centers provide facilities like library, video cassettes, audio cassettes, computers, telex/fax and TV/VCR etc.
  • IGNOU Study Centre Name: Manohar High School

    IGNOU Study Centre Code: 505

    IGNOU Study Centre Address: Marwari College (T.M. Bhagalpur University)

    IGNOU Study Phone No: +91-641-403143

    IGNOU Study Co-Ordinater Name: Prem Shankar Pd. Singh

    IGNOU Study Available Courses : MEG , MSW , CIG , MEC , MAH , MPS , MPA , MSO , BA (Eng) , IGNOU BPP , PGDDM , PGDRPP , CES , PGDESD , CTPM , BCA , BSW , PGDRD , CRD , DECE , DNHE , CFN , PGDT , CIT

    IGNOU Regional Centre, Bhagalpur,
    Camp Office-Marwari College, Bhagalpur
    Bihar – 812 007
    e-mail : [email protected]
    Phone : 0641-2905028 / 29