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List of Faculty
Marwari College Bhagalpur has a list of Faculty in different Stream as given ..


SL# Name of Faculty Members Designation Branch / Subject Email-id Mobile No.
Regular Faculty
1 Krishna Chandra Jha Professor Incharge Commerce [email protected] 9430871658
2 Atul Chandra Ghosh Associate Professor English [email protected] 8789204609
3 Sharad Chandra Roy University Professor English [email protected] 8051634759
4 Ajitabh Ghosh Associate Professor English [email protected] 8294417595
5 Bhawesh Kumar Assistant Professor English [email protected] 7004234376
6 Pratibha Rajhans University Professor Hindi [email protected] 9939721764
7 Braj Bhushan Tiwari University Professor Hindi [email protected] 9431874336
8 Vinay Kumar Singh Associate Professor Hindi [email protected] 9431874337
9 Alok Ranjan Associate Professor Hindi [email protected] 9155994161
10 Simran Bharti Assistant Professor Hindi [email protected] 6204486750
11 Ram Sewak Singh University Professor Maithili [email protected] 9430456014
12 Sabiha Perween Assistant Professor Urdu [email protected] 9771513579
13 Swastika Das Associate Professor Philosophy [email protected] 9431872367
14 Pragya Rai Assistant Professor Philosophy [email protected] 8765045873
15 Anil Kumar Tiwari University Professor Economics [email protected] 9334165222
16 Ashish Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor Economics [email protected] 7003467077
17 R.K. Choudhary Associate Professor IRPM ——— 9471906584
18 Sudhir Kumar Singh Associate Professor Political Science [email protected] 9430025982
19 Basuki Kumar Assistant Professor Political Science [email protected] 7004786481
20 Awdhesh Rajak Associate Professor Pyschology [email protected] 8507661121
21 Akshay Ranjan Assistant Professor History [email protected] 9471830858
22 Prabhat Kumar Assistant Professor History [email protected] 9953164125
23 Sangeet Kumar Assistant Professor Sociology [email protected] 9431061339
24 Krishna Murari Singh Associate Professor Physics [email protected] 9546572841
25 Dipo Mahto Associate Professor Physics [email protected] 9006187234
26 Bikal Kumar Gupta Associate Professor Chemistry [email protected] 9430860923
27 Ghanshyam Upadhaya Assistant Professor Chemistry [email protected] 8873461169
28 Arvind Kumar Sah University Professor Mathematics [email protected] 7870582477
29 Kamala Parhi Associate Professor Mathematics [email protected] 9470665327
30 Dr. Kumar Manoj Assistant Professor Botany [email protected] 7096429404
31 Jitendra Kumar Assistant Professor Statistics [email protected] 9934054110
32 Anil Kumar Singh Assistant Professor Statistics [email protected] 9934223515
33 Binod Kumar Verma University Professor Commerce [email protected] 9931437699
34 Ashutosh Kumar Dutta University Professor Commerce [email protected] 9431412830
35 Sunil Kumar Sah Assistant Professor Commerce [email protected] 9308866272