Best Practice


Best Practice I

Discipline Marwari College Bhagalpur is well known a disciplined Institution in this localities. The aim and objectives of the Institution is to generate a disciplined persons who are well known of ethical values of life. In this context we are observing the students activities through the CC TVs Cameras. In practice our staffs watching also carefully their activities and they caught them if they are creating any undisciplined action. Evidentially we found the college is running smoothly with a confidence and ensuring the securities among the girls students and their parents. To maintain the law and order, code of conduct and the rulings of the intuitions we encountered the problems arisen. The intuitions has sufficient resources to sort out the problems if and when needed as per the situations.

Best Practice II

Cleanliness and Hygiene The Marwari College is also famous for greeneries in the campus. We are maintaining plantation through the NSS, NCC on the occasion of different days of celebration. We also maintain the green audit of plants regularly. The institution has various rare medicinal plants since the day of foundation of the college. There are sufficient numbers of separate washroom and toilets for students and staffs. The institution provides all facilities to maintain the cleanliness and ensuring the hygienic environment in the campus. Keeping in view the cleanliness of the campus, the institution efficiently manages the garbage dumping system. There are two employees specifically employed for this purpose only. This helps in keeping the college campus clean, green and healthy.